e-Enterprise, unified infrastractures and statistics, a cognitive system for the web

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Unified infrastractures and statistics

A cognitive system for the web~$


The sum is greater than the parts

Tools that making a difference in our clients lives.


Frontend designer and illustrator
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They are over there. What size are you? How about one of these? Here you are. It’s on sale. What size do you take?


Marketing director and data analyst
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It will have to be Friday then, as Mrs Oran will be rather busy on Wednesday. Shall we book you in at 10 o'clock?


Backend developer and dba
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I'm concerned about the delays we're experiencing with some of our suppliers. Could you give me an approximate timeline?


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Data driven e-mail marketing

45,00 € / month

  • Automated content creation
  • Massive e-mail builder
  • Unlimited e-mail storage
  • 5.000 e-mails per month
  • Statistics

Learning paths
(e-Enterprise ext.)

90,00 € / month

  • Data-driven analysis
  • Personalized action plan
  • Automations
  • 20.000 e-mails per month
  • Multi-views